Why join CPA?   If you have a love of classic pattern planes, the classic patterns before “turnaround” and the smell of nitro and the sound of piped engines winding up, we are the group for you!

The main goal of CPA is to have fun!  Competition is only a part of the CPA but the fellowship of getting together with others who are reliving the good old pattern days is the biggest draw of the CPA. 

The CPA has members thru out the United States and has increased the number of contest or get together from (1) one in the past years to over 8 events from coast to coast in 2011.  In 2012 we had 18 events coast to coast and still growing.

Do I need a membership to fly a CPA contest?  No...

 Contact Us:  classicpatternassociation@hotmail.com

Patterns listed below.    



Pre- Novice                                Expert                         
Takeoff U   Takeoff U K1
Straight Flight Out U   Fig M with 1/2 Rolls U K5
Procedure Turn     Cuban 8 D K2
Straight Flight Back D   Double Immelmann U K2
Stall Turn U   Slow Roll D K3
Immelmann Turn U   3 Reverse Outside loops U K3
3 Inside Loops U   Four Point Roll D K4
Traffic Pattern U   3 Inside Loops U K2
Landing U   Eight Point Roll D K4
U=Upwind      D=Downwind     Rolling 8 U K2
      3 Horizontal Rolls D K3
Novice                                           Top Hat U K3
Takeoff U   Running 8 D K2
Straight Flight Out U   3 Turn Spin U K2
Procedure Turn     Landing U K1
Straight Flight Back D   U=Upwind    D=Downwind    
Stall Turn U        
Immelmann Turn U   Master Maneuvers                  
3 Inside Loops U   Takeoff   K1
Straight Inverted Flight D   3 Inside loops    K2
One Reverse Outside loop U   3 Outside loops   K2
3 Horizontal Rolls D   Cuban 8   K2
Landing U   Reverse Cuban 8   K2
U=Upwind        D=Downwind     Horizontal 8    K2
      Vertical 8   K2
Advanced                                Rolling 8   K2
Takeoff U   Double Immelmann   K2
Double Stall Turn U   Reverse Double Immelmann   K2
Cuban 8 D   Straight Inverted   K2
Double Immelmann U   Cobra Roll   K2
Four Point Roll D   3 Turn spin   K2
3 Reverse Outside Loops U   3 Reverse Inside Loops   K3
Slow Roll D   3 reverse outside Loops   K3
3 Inside loops U   Avalanche   K3
3 Horizontal Rolls D   Slow Roll   K3
3 Turn Spin U   3 Horizontal Rolls   K3
Landing U   2 Rolls In Opposite Directions   K3
U=Upwind      D=downwind     Vertical Roll   K3
      Aileron turn   K3
      Top Hat    K3
      Figure M   K3
      Inverted spin   K3
      Square Horizontal 8   K4
      Triangle Rolling Loop   K4
      Reverse Knife Edge   K4
      Reverse Point Roll   K4
      4 Point Roll   K4
      8 Point Roll   K4
      Reverse Top Hat    K4
      Square Loop w/four 1/2rolls   K5
      2 Snap Rolls Opposite Directions   K5
      Figure M with 1/4 rolls   K5
      Figure M with 1/2 rolls   K5
      Landing   K1






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